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East Auckland water tank delivery service.  We deliver litres and litres of drinking water pumped direct from our tankers to your door every day of the week.  We also offer a full tank clean and inspection service. 

Maraetai Blue Water Supply

Water Supply:

Maraetai Blue is an East Auckland household water delivery service. Water pumps from our tankers to your tank with ease ensuring you have drinking water, pool water and spa water all year round. Maraetai Blue Ltd offers three load sizes - the 5,000 litre tank (for the smaller tank, or for when rain is forecast) a big 10,000 litre tank and a huge 14,000 litre tank. 

The water is of top quality, Ministry of Health approved, pristine drinking water. Sourced from Ministry of Heath Approved suppliers and delivered in stainless steel tanks that are all individually tested and meet the food grade hygiene standards. Whether you are commercial or residential our water will live up to all expectations . Healthy, clean, and sweet.

About Us:

Maraetai Blue Ltd Water Supply Service is owned by Maraetai locals since 2009, and guarantees water systems are plentiful in the East Auckland area for rural and residential homes.

Services we offer:

  • Household water delivery
  • Fresh drinking water delivered to Whitford, Maraetai and Beachlands households
  • Your water systems are maintained for drinking and recreation all year round
  • Swimming pool filling
  • Tank cleaning
  • WINZ quotes are available.
  • Available anytime for emergency water supply but extra charges will apply.
  • We are a Ministry of Health registered water carrier.


5,000 litre tank (for the smaller tank, or for when rain is forecast) a big 10,000 litre tank and a huge 14,000 litre tank. 

Maraetai Blue Tank Cleaning

Tank Cleaning:

We provide a full tank clean and inspection service.  This means we get inside your water tank to remove all contaminated water, scrub the walls and suck up and remove any sludge, sediment or dead animals. We then rinse the tank and remove the excess water. We can also inspect the inside condition of your tank, taking photos and providing details of any findings.

We organise a refill of your tank with our sister business, Maraetai Blue Water Delivery.  The affords you priority delivery to minimise wait times, even in times of high water demand.

We take care of it all so you can sit back and relax!

Tank Cleaning Prices: 

Our prices range from $250 to $350 depending on the number of tanks, size and location.  Each situation is different so call Jacob for a quote on 021 0298 4170.

About Us: 

Jacob Patchett, a friendly local man born and raised in Maraetai, started Maraetai Blue Tank Cleaning 8 years ago. His business is a sister business to the Maraetai Blue water delivery company.

Jacob believes in personal service and going the extra mile for his customers. His attention to detail and quality workmanship are second to none.

Call Jacob today on 021 0298 4170


Q.  How often do you need to clean your tank?
A.   Usually we recommend cleaning your tank every two years but this depends where your tank is located.  If you're in or near a bush setting, your tank will need cleaning more frequently than if you're in a subdivision with little or no vegetation around.

Q.  Do I need to empty my tank?
A.   To achieve a proper clean, all water needs to be removed from the tank otherwsie the water fills with contaminates from the sides and bottom of the tank.  Ideally we can schedule a clean to coincide with your tank getting low on water.  We go to great lengths to ensure any water we empty from your tank is used efficiently.  Most often the water is used to water the garden.

Q.  Who orders the refill?
A.   We organise a refill once we have discussed this with you.  We book you as a priority load which means you will be filled as soon as possible after the completion of the clean, minimising wait times and any disruption.

Q.  How long am I without water?
A.   Most cleans take between two to two and a half hours.

Q.  Can my fibreglass tank be cleaned?
A.   This is a very risky clean as fibreglass tanks are very weak.  We can clean them but are subject to inspection first.  Call us to discuss.

Q.  What if I have a dead animal in my tank?
A.   We do a complete clean and we advise putting a nuetralising agent in the water on refill.  We can supply the agent if required.

Q.  How much is a quote?
A.   The quote is absolutely free. We are happy to visit you at any time and discuss your individual needs.


"Great service, Very fast delivery, Very easy to deal with.  Maraetai Blue is a valued and necessary community business.  Thank you for your great service" Korrin L

"Great water supplier.  Always prompt, always helpful and reasonable price.  A very important service for Maraetai residents."  Stephanie P

Contact Information:

Water Supply:
Colleen and Warren
P: 536 6437
M: 027 536 6437
A: 28 Maraetai Heights Road, Maraetai

Tank Cleaning:
P: 021 0298 4170

Tank Cleaning

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